The Disappointment with Career Choices

The pandemic has pushed many to the edge, especially those who have become chronically unemployed for the last year. A new Pew Research survey finds 49%, almost half of the people who lost their jobs through closings, furlough or being let go are losing spirit and hope, 31% expressing pessimism about their future, 18% saying they are very pessimistic. Many are looking for a new line of work.

Leisure was the hardest hit industry in Houston, according to Parker Harvey, chief economist with Texas Workforce Solutions. “Leisure and hospitality was down almost 120,000 jobs, so despite being the hardest hit industry, they’ve recovered two-thirds of the jobs they lost, so that’s good news.” Number two on the list is retail, and they’re seeing recovery. “Has it proven resilient in the wake of the pandemic? The data would suggest so, even as it’s added recovered all of the 30,000 jobs it’s lost, and has added more jobs on top of that.”

For those looking to change professions, Harvey says in Texas the medical profession continues to see steady employment, and though it’s been through some challenging times, so is oil and gas.As for those looking to go back to school, he says for growth areas consider developing a good mind. “Analytics, data analysis. Things that really push critical thinking skills to the absolute limit. That’s what I would recommend. Things like engineering are always going to be a pretty sure bet. Keep in mind here, oil and gas is still generally a pretty good place to look.”

According to the Pew Research survey, the chronically unemployed, losing hope, are suffering from depression and other mental health issues in greater numbers.

photo: Getty Images

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