We're Under a Winter Storm Warning

It's going to be windy, cold and wet today (Sunday 2-14-2021) ... possibly this afternoon through tomorrow (Monday, 4-15-2021) . There will be near record-breaking cold temperatures tomorrow night through Tuesday morning (2-16-2021). Wind Chill Warnings remain in effect until 6:00 tomorrow evening. The strong storm system will bring freezing rain, sleet and snow!

Many State Officials, from the Governor to Texas Department of Transportation are urging you not to drive after tonight through to Tuesday morning. Snow accumulations north of Highway 105 could reach 6 inches, Closer to Houston there will be snow that will be topped with up to 2 inches of ice. Governor Abbott: "There are no experts when it comes to driving ice. There are some people who have driven on ice and snow before --- but this is an unprecedented situation in Texas and most people here have never driven on ice and they could be driving right next to you."

The City of Houston is making a Warm Shelter in the George R Brown Convention Center. Everyone is welcome, and BARC is on hand to take care of the family pets.

Winter Storm Warning for Southeast Texas

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