Why some GOP retirements may be a good thing

If you thought the future of the Republican Party looked less like Donald Trump, be prepared to eat some crow.

The future could actually be more Trumpian, and Fox News contributor Elizabeth Ames says it could happen as soon as next year, in the midterm elections.

"People might be concerned about some of the retirements coming up, but people will be pretty mad by the time the midterms roll around," Ames said.

That's because of President Biden's executive actions on everything from Keystone to immigration. Ames says this Democrats are not as in touch with the people as they think they are

"Democrats misjudged the country. This is not a socialist country. This is a country where people want to make a living and get ahead," she explained.

One of the Republican retirements is Ohio's Rob Portman. Jim Jordan of the Freedom Caucus and the outspoken Ohio Congressman, has said he may run for that vacancy.

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