Governor Greg Abbott Says Texas “Comeback” Already Happening

The governor says Texas is on the road to recovery from the pandemic.

Governor Greg Abbott striking an optimistic tone during his State of the State address Monday night.

“Texas remains the economic engine of America, and our comeback is already materializing,” Abbott explained.

Despite Texas being the first state to administer more than two million vaccinations, Abbott says officials are still pedal to the metal to get millions more doses out.

“Texans are returning to work. Students are returning to school. Families are reestablishing routines. With each passing day of more vaccinations and increased immunity, normalcy is returning to Texas.”

Abbott also spoke out against calls to defund the police. He said Texas has always been a law and order state. “We’re not going to let cities in Texas follow the lead of cities like Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis by defunding the police. That’s crazy. We will support our law enforcement officers,” Abbott added.

The Governor is encouraging state lawmakers to pass a bill that would prevent cities like Austin from taking money away from law enforcement. He said the issue is so urgent, he will make it an emergency item during the upcoming legislative session.

Pro-lifers are praising Abbott for speaking out against abortion during his address. He urged state lawmakers to pass a bill which would ban discriminatory abortions for reasons like race, sex, or because the child might be born with a disability.

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