Remote Work Works for Some, But Not All

World, meet telework. Telework, meet 2020.

Covid 19 has created a whole new way of working, and telework is working for some industries better than others.

Pew Research conducted a study in October of last year, finding people in these industries think that they have fared best, responding with above 50%:

1)Banking, finance, real estate, accounting (84%)

2)Information and technology (84%)

3)Education (59%)

4)Professional, scientific, technical (59%)

The fields where it doesn’t translate as well include:

5)Government, public administration, military

6)Health care and social assistance

7)Hospitality, service, arts, entertainment, recreation

8)Manufacturing, mining, construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting

9)Retail, trade, transportation

Houston business expert Garrison Wynn thinks for those businesses that find the practice compliments their work, will continue into the unforeseeable future. “We’re going to see some industries make the decision that a sales call they’re doing or account management they’re doing through Zoom or Teams is going to stay.”

photo: Getty Images

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