Pandemic Vacation Time is Same as a Usual Year

You would think a pandemic that upended the economy and changed everything about life and work may have been reflected in the amount of vacation time people claimed in 2020.

As it turns out, not so much.

39% of Americans in a survey of 2,000 by Potawatomi Hotel say they took more time off this year while an almost even amount, 38%, said they took less. 23% said it was the same.

Of those who took less or the same amount of paid time off (PTO), 47% went to the entire calendar year without missing a single day, spurred no doubt by fears of losing their job in a very insecure market.

The top reason given was that the workload was too much as people adapted to remote work, and number two was not having anyone to cover the shift or responsibilities. Many were concerned that taking time off would make them look less committed, and another group just didn’t want to travel during the pandemic so they kept their nose to the grindstone and worked on.

40% report that their employer offered extra paid leave during the disruptions of the past year.

photo: Getty Images

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