Your 401(k) with Biden

Many Americans carry most of their investments in their 401K. With a new President, some are thinking they may have to make some changes. Should you change your 401K investments with a new President? KTRH Money Man Pat Shinn says to stay put for the time being."The markets have been going up, there's good news about the vaccines, we've got the possibility that there's more stimulus coming from Congress, the Federal Reserve are buying 120 billion dollars in bonds every month."

Your 401(k) is on the Rebound

He says to keep your energy stocks . "Energy is the top performing sector since Biden has been elected. We know he killed the Keystone Pipeline, but what that does -- in my mind --- is make existing assets worth even more." Shinn also has one positive prediction: "We think by the end of the third quarter, the economy should be very strong. We may see numbers that we haven't seen since the early '80s. "

Shinn says the success of the Covid vaccine could open up even more businesses.

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401k box full of paper money

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