'Vaccine Tourism'

People are having a hard time getting vaccinated against Covid. It's one thing to go to a neighboring county for your Covid vaccine, but this is something else. Gov. Greg Abbott declared that the vaccines the state is getting "are intended for Texans." So why are there are reports that wealthy out-of-staters and even foreign nationals practicing Vaccine Tourism if the vaccine is only for Texans?

It's possible because 1) their wealth and 2) an ID check isn't often done. The Houston Health Department wrote to us saying "COVID-19 services, including testing and vaccination, are not denied based on residency or citizenship status.' In other words, usually no ID check. You don't even have to be from this country. There are reports of wealthy people from other countries enjoying 'Vaccination Tourism' and getting free vaccines before Americans.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo says IDs are rarely necessary. "Folks are asked to verify their age in some way because Over 65 qualifies. So that's the extinct to which folks should be asked for information.The virus doesn't respect whether you have papers or not."

The Covid-19 vaccine really is the hottest ticket in town.

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Wealthy Foreign Nationals and Americans and Vaccine Tourism

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