The Travel Industry is Taking Another Hit

Vacation Resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean supply a safe refuge for many Americans who just need a break. Now the CDC says for travelers to come back to the U.S., they must show a negative result from a current Covid test. Travel Expert Catherine Banks says it is affecting their business. "We have seen cancellations. The bigger effect for us is that people who have been contemplating taking a trip are just doing a 'wait and see' to see what develops."

Banks says not to worry. "Most of the hotel companies that we use in Mexico and the Caribbean have stepped up and offer the Covid Tests free of charge." Banks says the resort hotels her agency deals with are offering free covid testing as you prepare to leave. Or you can take a test before you leave for Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands and no return testing is required!

Privacy Concerns Over Possible Digital Vaccine Passport

She says the industry is awaiting the government's next obstacle. "The more restrictions that the new administration puts on travel - it's going to make it that much harder. The travel industry is a HUGE driver in the economy. The longer we have these tragic policies, the harder it's going to be!"

Quick Beach Vacation during Covid Crisis

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