Smooth and Efficient: Galveston County's First Mega Vaccination Event

Galveston County Health Department held its first Mega Covid Vaccine event in League City on Saturday (1-23-2021). Health Department and UTMB authorities say the event ran as smoothly and efficiently as they could have imagined. All those who received vaccines had made advance appointments and not surprisingly, the 720 appointments filled up within an hour. Kelly Palmer spoke to our TV partner Channel 2 about her experience in getting an appointment online. "It just takes persistence and perseverance. You just have to keep grinding until you get there."

County officials spoke about how smoothly the process ran. "We had anticipated some waits - but there were none, really. The only time people had to wait was during the registration. And then one minute in the injection booth. The impressive part is that this is a 6-days concept - to - execution." UTMB-Galveston's Dr. Janak Patel says they studied the best practices of other counties to create the format for their first clinic. Dr. Patel wants to add a waiting list to their package so they can first serve those who need the vaccine the most.

200 doses were administered by UTMB staff in the first 2 hours. 720 vaccines were given during the day Saturday. The Health Department is waiting to hear from the state about how many doses they will receive next in order to even better plan for the next event.

Photo: Getty

Covid Vaccine Mega Event in League City

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