American Concerns: Job Loss, The Rising Cost of Pharmaceuticals

With Covid quarantining causing job losses that in turn cause lack of funds and health insurance, trips to a doctor and filling prescriptions is tough. Even though many Americans are facing evictions and can't afford to pay for their prescribed drugs, major pharmaceutical companies are raising the prices of many of their most popular pills. The rising price of prescription drugs is a major concern for Americans. COVID-19 vaccine-maker Pfizer is raising the prices on at least 200 drugs. Pharmaceutical Management Expert Dr. Dean Fanelli says so much of the Covid funding came from U. S. tax payers! "There were taxpayer funds that were given to these companies. The Moderna vaccine received just under a Billion Dollars [$1,000,000,000] in tax money for research and development and for the supply of the doses. Pfizer received over a Billion Dollars [$1,000,000,000] for the supply of their vaccine as well."

Dr. Fanelli says the high price of development and Big Pharma Greed are at fault. He says this also includes generics. "It's really unfathomable that a lot of the generic drugs out there are very cheap to make. They are imported from India and China and are more expensive than they need to be." To date, all of the recent changes for drugs in America are to increase the price, not lower. Dr. Fanelli says to check every coupon and savings plan available before you head to your pharmacy.

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Big Pharma Raising Prices

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