Help Develop a New Covid-19 Vaccine

If you want to help the development of another covid-19 vaccine...Baylor College of Medicine Needs You!

Their Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit is selected to be a part of the Phase 3 clinical trial for Novavax's Covid 19 vaccine candidate. They will be testing for safety and effectiveness. Baylor needs about 250 participants (the entire project is calling for 30,000 people) who must be at least 18 years old. Principal Investigators for the Baylor testing will be Dr. Mary Healy, associate professor of pediatrics - infectious diseases at Baylor, and Dr. Jennifer Whitaker, assistant professor of molecular virology and microbiology and medicine - infectious diseases at Baylor.

The trial will last about 2 years and 2/3 of the participants will be given the actual vaccine while the other third will get the placebo.

To find out more about participating in the trial, call 713-798-4912, or email

A volunteer getting a Covid Vaccine Candidate during test period

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