Anti-Social: Big Tech's Crackdown is Selective

The sudden lurch by tech giants to silence and suppress conservative voices has raised questions about freedom of speech, but the bigger issue might be power. So says Fox News Host Laura Ingraham, who opened her show this week with a commentary questioning what's really behind Big Tech's Big Purge.

"Of course a private company has the right to refuse service to potential customers, but should any private company have as much power as the major tech companies have today" Ingraham asked viewers. "Private companies in the United States have too much power...many with market caps larger than the GDP of our closest allies."

Ingraham also noted these companies are wielding that power with a complete double standard. "If Big Tech was truly worried about speech that incites harm and violence, then YouTube, Facebook and Twitter would have removed all the content from Antifa and radical Islamists years ago...they didn't," she told viewers.

Indeed, while social media platforms are removing President Trump and conservative groups, they continue to allow the likes of Antifa, ISIS, and hostile foreign governments like China, Iran and Venezuela to post freely. "We cannot allow a situation where the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has unlimited access, unlimited ability to spout dangerous propaganda, while the GOP is effectively silenced," said Ingraham.

Twitter's shutdown of President Trump even garnered criticism from the likes of the ACLU, along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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