Abortion, Religious Freedom Key Issues for Texas Republicans in New Session

Republican state lawmakers are planning to tackle some key social issues during the new legislative session.

Social conservatives are optimistic the Texas Legislature will pass some common sense laws. One of those: Abolish gender reassignment surgery for minors, which many say leads to long-term psychological problems in young people. Second, a law protecting religious freedom in the Lone Star State. Specifically, addressing how to regulate the right to worship amid a pandemic.

“I think it’s been clear that churches and pastors have come under attack like never before this past year. Just the ability for many of them to stay open,” Jonathan Saenz, President of the conservative advocacy group Texas Values, told KTRH.

Saenz says churches need a clearer direction about welcoming their flock back in 2021. Finally, some conservatives would like to see lawmakers pass a pro-life heartbeat bill, which bans abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

“I think a lot of people are concerned when tax dollars are used to pay for abortions,” Saenz said. “Or how government resources relate to a support for abortion and the taking of innocent human life.”

He believes these issues can and will be addressed during the new session.

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