Professionals Feel Disengaged After Working from Home for 9 Months

Feeling checked out from work? You're not the only one.

Nine months of video conferencing and social isolation has taken its toll on those working from home. A new poll from the anonymous forum and workplace community app Blind found about 70 percent of professionals in the tech and finance industries feel disengaged.

Gabe Abshire, the CEO of Dallas-based Utility Concierge, says he has to put in that extra effort to stay engaged with his employees.

“Making sure you’re checking in on a personal level, not just on a business level, see how things are going,” Abshire told KTRH. “Employees are grateful to have a job, but I think the employer should be just as grateful to have their team member working from home.”

Abshire has several ideas he's used to keep up the morale.

“Number one was a positive mindset. Stay positive. Number two, being grateful to still be working. Lots of people in the country don’t have that option,” Abshire said.

In the poll, workers say some of the added stressors have been the pandemic, political climate, personal finance troubles, and workload.

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