Gym Owners are Hopeful for 2021

Is January still the "get back to the gym" month? Gym owners across the country say the demand for fitness is still there this month- but zoom training, personal training in private homes or back yards are popular. Felicia Lee - Sexton, owner of Women’s Health and Fitness in Stafford says it's all about controlling the environment of the gym. "Because we are a smaller gym, we are able to control our environment. We are in a very good position. It's the larger gyms that can't control their larger environment as much. We wipe every station and piece of equipment with our clients so they know how clean the gym is."

She says she sees women who were members of larger gyms are not going back to them because they don't feel safe there. In Texas a gym may operate at 75% capacity, and virtual classes are abundant. Before Covid, gyms were packed to overflow in January. In 2021, owners say the demand is still there - but their gyms aren't packed. Lee-Sexton says her smaller gym is busier than ever! Remote workers have eaten well over the last months, have more flexible work hours, and ready to get out. "We're also continuing to hold our Zoom classes and training so we are able to reach more people."

We'll see how busy they are in March!

Texas Gym Covid-19 Protocols

Near Empty Gym due to Covid

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