Peace in Our Time: Some Americans Accept 'Big Brother'

The four years of chaos that has been Donald Trump's presidency, capped by a year of pandemic-fueled lockdowns and mandates, has left many Americans in a position for compromise. Those people have shown they'll accept government overreach or even tolerate downright corruption if it will bring that elusive peace. Victor Davis Hanson, senior fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institute, writes about this phenomenon in a new piece for the American Thinker.

Hanson tells KTRH the Democrats and media essentially spent the past year scaring the public about the pandemic and Trump as dual threats to our way of life, and setting up Joe Biden as the safe, comfortable solution to all the madness. And it worked. "There's a lot of questions (about the pandemic) that have confused the American people, and the result is they don't know what to believe," says Hanson. "They just want it all to go away, they just want to go back to normal."

That 'normal' means accepting Biden and his promised mandates and lockdowns, along with his family's alleged corruption. All to get rid of the current chaos. "A lot of people just want to get into a fetal position, put their hands over their ears, and say I can't take this anymore, I want it to go away," says Hanson

That explains why some swing voters supported Joe Biden even though they agree more with Trump's policies. "They wanted to turn on the TV and have the media say the president's a wonderful guy, and that Joe Biden is eloquent and he's decent, and they didn't want to hear about collusion or any of that stuff," says Hanson.

Ultimately, that leads to a case of be careful what you wish for, since Biden's ties to China and softer stance toward Iran could prove more dangerous to Americans. "At some point, you could wake up and say yeah, it all went away, it's all calm, and we all feel good now--'we' being the proverbial American people--but now we've got to live with it," says Hanson.

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