Four dead in apparent Harris County murder-suicide

A SWAT situation that started after 3am this morning has ended in tragedy in the North Shore area.

"We have four confirmed adult people deceased inside the residence," Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

It all started with a call overnight when a woman said she had been shot and then hung up.

"Upon their arrival they tried to ascertain what was going on. At that point they were met with gunfire," Gonzalez stated.

Officers did not return fire and did try to negotiate with the man they believe was the shooter.

"They did engage in some conversations. He was non co-operative in terms of coming out," Gonzalez explained.

After hearing one final shot, the team made entry into the house.

"Upon making entry our SWAT team discovered two adult females and two adult males," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez indicated the shooter appears to be a 49 year old African American man who had been in some kind of dating relationship with one of the women in the house. The investigation continues. But Gonzalez says this appears to be yet another case of domestic violence.

Check back for more information on this throughout the day.

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