Americans Looking for SECOND Jobs

2020 is Doing Damage to American's Finances. Working Americans across many income brackets are feeling a 2020 financial setback. More than half of working Americans are not in good financial shape, in fact a third of us don't have $400 cash saved for an emergency. Most of those surveyed said they are depending on 2021 to pull them out of their setback.

A survey from OnePoll. on behalf of World Finance, finds that a stunning 62 percent are expecting to take on a second job next year . Those could be hard to find with unemployment higher than usual. Michael Goldberg of Hiring Transformed says he is seeing this already. "That's what we're starting to see --- a complete emergence of GIG WORKERS."

Goldberg says finding an extra job these days needs some finesse. "You've really got to network around to find that part-time gig to earn that extra money." Goldberg says Warehousing and Care Giving Services usually have part time openings. But what about professionals who would rather use brain than brawn? Goldberg says, "Probably the best thing they can do is offer themselves as 'consultants' by networking with friends and colleagues and people you have worked with."

Search for "Networking Tips" online to get started.

Part Time Gig

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