Texas Scammers and Their Fake Gift Cards

Your parents warned you ---

1) You can't get something for nothing.
2.) if something looks too good to be true - it is!
3) There's a fool born every minute. Just don't let it me yourself.

Texas scam experts say you should be alerted for someone trying out the "Unwanted Gift Card" scam that's going around the state right now. They say someone will approach you, possibly in a parking lot or even online, and say they got a gift card for Christmas that they don't want. They don't like the store, can't find anything they like, etc. They will offer to sell the gift card to you at a discount.
It looks real - but isn't.
Once you pay for the card, they will swap it out for one without any funds behind it.
And then they will disappear. With your cash.

Scammers and Gift Cards

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