People want to go on vacation AND stay safe: RV industry to the rescue!

2020 has brought about a lot of interesting phoemena...including the rise in the popularity of Recreational Vehicles. Yes, 2020 became the year of the RV. Demontrond RV Sales Manager Albert Solis says their sales are twice as high as they were last year. He's seeing some new faces. "First time buyers who want to stay close to home, but have a family outing and independence at the same time. Foremost: The want to protect their family from Covid." Solis says they like technology and comfort and are buying it. "They are not looking for bare-bones trailers. They want to live like they do at their homes."

Solis says they aren't all retirees and hunters, either. Most have young families. "They are high tech - so they will have entertainment centers and LED TVs. Some of them want to have instant hot water. They just want it to reflect the amenities they have in their homes."

An estimated 44 million Americans went road camping this past year. He says the only problem is manufactures are having a hard time keeping up with the demand.

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RV - Safe Vacation

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