"What will it take for you to give me a vaccination NOW?"

The Covid pandemic has made people depressed, overweight or anxious. Now we hear that the super rich who already felt entitled are now feeling desperate. Some people are afraid to get a Covid-19 vaccine, while others are trying to bribe their way into getting one now - when the shots are designated for front-line workers and the most vulnerable. Healthy living Expert Dr. Eric Nepute says, "We had one doctor tell us they he had an offer of $20,000 for him and his family to get the Covid vaccine! " He says these rich people are not only unethical - they're trying to bribe someone who couldn't help them if they wanted to. "What these people don't realize is that most of us doctors don't have access to these vaccines yet."

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Dr. Nepute says, "Doctors are getting bribed by wealthy patients saying, 'Hey, Doc, can you get access for me family and me to get the Covid vaccine?" He says it is especially prevalent in Southern California, but has hit his practice in St. Louis as well. "We've had some of our clientele ask us the same thing. It's not ethical and we're certainly not willing to do it."

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Bribes for Covid-19 Vaccinations

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