Americans Hesitant To Take Time Off Work In 2020

Americans say they've felt guilty for taking time off work this year because of the pandemic and economic downturn. A new survey finds 38 percent have been hesitant put in a request for time off.

The pandemic has many rethinking how much and when to take paid time off or PTO. The survey finds more than a third of Americans took less time off work this year. Many are worried about being judged by a boss or a coworker. In some cases, employees feel guilty.

“There are people too that are even working when they have days off, whether they’re scheduled or just weekend days,” Matt Zajechowski, with Digital Third Coast, told KTRH. “There’s fear in falling behind and potentially becoming replaceable.”

Zajechowski notes one other key finding: 76 percent of Americans admit to checking work email while taking time off. He believes that’s one indication many professionals have trouble unplugging completely, even when they’re not at work.

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