Office Supplies for Christmas?

With so many office staff now working from home on their coffee tables or dinner table, Christmas gifts for the new home office are popular. Tommy Mercer of Carroll's Office Furniture says they are selling a lot of office basics as gifts this year. "People are needing and wanting good ergonomic office seating and a good work surface that will accommodate up to 2 monitors. Not so much storage - but a good flat work space where they can spread things out --- as opposed to a dining room table and chairs."

Office Furniture : How to Work Happy

Mercer says large high quality office chair mats are a basic that many remote workers are asking for...along with good desk lighting and a headphone-microphone set that won't hurt their ears during all those zoom meetings. Mercer says he knows what most of these folks want and also need for Christmas. "They are coming in needing a good office chair IMMEDIATELY. They are used to be in an office environment where they were used to sitting for 7 or 8 hours a day and they are used to a really good ergonomic brand." Office supply stores say they are selling as Christmas gifts a lot of high quality keyboards and web camera-microphone combos just made for zoom meetings. Hardware stores are also selling lots of door knob locks for combination guest room-home offices. It's not sexy - but most appreciated.

Remote workers want Home Office Supplies for Christmas

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