We All Need a LOT of Christmas - Especially Outdoors!

So many holiday traditions have been canceled this year (seeing The Nutcracker, going to the Alley Theatre to see this year's A Christmas Carol, going to your son's choir concert), but despite everything going on, people just can’t stay away from the Christmas décor. To fight against the 2020 Holiday Blues - more people are Christmas decorating than ever before!

Owner of The Arbor Gate, Beverly Welch, says their décor sales are way up... for both inside and outside the home. "There is an up-tick in Christmas décor this year. Everyone is decorating...they're staying at home. Many of our shoppers were in a big hurry to get their Christmas trees up --- well before Thanksgiving!" People just seem to need a little Christmas. Welch says, "The outdoor décor has gone off the floor much faster this year -- especially greenery! We have custom design here, so we have been helping a lot of people with their garlands and greenery...so we have been tying A LOT of bows this year!"

Welch says most of the outdoor décor people are scarfing up are old-fashioned traditional decorations like the shoppers had at home years ago. Outdoor holiday décor installers say their sales almost double last year's sales.

Sales for Outdoor Christmas Displays are Up

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