Is a New Microsoft Tool Spying on You at Work?

Employers can now use a Microsoft tool called The Productivity Score that will them how their staff is using Microsoft software...which includes internet connectivity - so is this an invasion of employees' privacy? Business Expert Victoria Pelletier says to remember back to the day you were hired. "We actually sign away our rights and privacy on the devices we use on the myriad of paperwork they give up."

Pelletier says Microsoft encourages managers to use the software to monitor the efficiency and productivity of the collaboration going on among their staff..and not how many cat videos you are watching during the business day.

Digital Distractions VS American Productivity

Originally it allowed the employer could see what individual employees were doing - but that feature has since been removed according to Pelletier. "The intent of the software was to monitor the productivity, efficiency and collaboration within a team and an organization --- so to monitor how many cat videos you watch!"

The software offers a way for managers to see what works with their teams and what could be improved upon.

Watching cat videos while working

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