Movie Theaters are Asking for Your Help

238 million Americans went to the movies last year. 70% of the theaters they attended may never reopen their doors again.

Covid has decimated many industries, movie theaters and live performance venues among those that may not be able to hold on until patrons again pay a fare.

The National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) is hoping to convince Congress to include grants in a Covid relief package currently being debated in the waning hours of this year’s legislation. It’s existential.

NATO CEO John Fithian puts it simply: “If people want to help their local theater or live stages just go to and all the information is right there.”

“You’ll find the letter they sent to Senators McConnell and Schumer: "93% of movie theater companies had over 75% in losses in the second quarter of 2020. If the status quo continues, 69% of small and mid-sized movie theater companies will be forced to file for bankruptcy or to close permanently, and 66% of heater jobs will be lost.”

The futures of 150,000 furloughed workers are riding on the outcome. Want to be a movie hero?

photos: Getty Images

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