Will a Robot Take Over My Job?!?

For decades you heard that service workers will always be needed...but now a robot in California is making fresh fruit smoothies in three minutes...putting human workers out of their jobs. U OF H Professor of Supply and Technology Margaret Kidd says, "Service jobs are at risk. We are living in a high-tech society. Jobs in software, engineering, STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) fields are where you want to be migrating to if you're not already there." She says careers at most risk of automation are restaurant servers, retail shelf fillers and basic sales people. Truck driving is hot, though. "There is a shortage of truck drivers, but at the same time, trying to get Millennials into these jobs has proved to be a losing battle.

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She says many of us may need to examine our career choices for our futures. "Think about how we adapt, how we collaborate to be competitive. This is an economy where engineering and automation is key." Professor Kidd emphasizes online learning and continuing education are good sources for advancing your market-ability.

Professor Kidd likes to quote Charles Darwin. "It's all about adapting and collaboration to survive." After all, someone has to create and upgrade the robots.

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Robots are working in the Service Industry

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