Pandemic Brings Tricky Employment and Travel Decisions

This pandemic is causing some tricky employment issues - like what an employer can tell an employee if s/he can travel. Labor attorney Andy Trusevich is asked if employers can legally make restrictive demands on their workers during this pandemic. "That question is going to come up over and over and I'm glad you're bringing it up NOW --- because employers are going to have to be ready for that." Trusevich says it depends if workers interface with others on the job. "The EEOC guidance is 'Balance the Business Needs VS Overly Intrusive.' Now overly Intrusive would be not allowing a worker to travel if the worker is working remotely and not interfacing with co-workers or the public." But if workers are physically close to their co-workers or clients, supervisors can demand now what they couldn't have at another time.

What Business Should It Be if an Employee Contracts Covid?

During this pandemic, are you legally required to tell your boss when you're traveling or about to have people over to dinner? Trucevich says it matters sometimes they can. " 'If you are interfacing with other co-workers or with customers - you have to tell us.'--- they can mandate that."

The same goes for having to take the vaccine - with only a few exceptions. As long as you work remotely and don't come in contact with clients, those demands would be ruled invasive. Trucevich suggests you track rulings made by the EEOC.

Can your boss say if you can travel?

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