Education Experts Warn Students Falling Behind Amid School Closings

Education experts warn school closings and virtual learning amid the pandemic have been disastrous for many students.

Elementary and middle school students are falling behind. Specifically, when it comes to math. The non-profit research group NWEA finds average scores for math were lower this fall by 5 to 10 percent. Education expert Dr. Bob Sanborn, president and CEO of Children At Risk, says lower math scores also includes Texas students. Many of them don't have the money or the help to educate themselves from home.

“Our state is going to have to figure out how they can get engaged to fund this and make this work for us,” Sanborn said. “Because in the long run it’s going to have a detrimental effect on our economy if this whole generation of kids is not educated at the level they should be.”

He suggests reopening schools, at least for younger students. He believes it's a critical time for their development.

Sanborn says kids are also losing out by not being able to socialize with their friends. This week, Houston ISD reported 42 percent of its students who are learning completely online failed one or more of their classes.

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