Republicans See Support Growing Among Hispanic Voters

A growing number of Hispanics are voting Republican, as Democrats move more to the Left.

Republicans are taking note of a higher percent of Latinos voting for President Trump in states like Texas and Florida. The number of Latino Voters casted their ballot in November for the president was up 3 percent in the Lone Star State. Orlando Salazar, with the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, says it's because Trump as set an example of a leader who stands up for solid principles.

“We’re voting for a kind of Conservativism,” Salazar told KTRH. “[A Republican Party] that stands up for what we believe. That doesn’t allow itself to get push around by liberals, and that likes somebody to fight for what they believe.”

Salazar says former President Barack Obama is out of touch. This after Obama criticized older Hispanics and evangelicals who voted for Trump. Salazar says many Hispanics are voting based on beliefs and principles, not based on race or ethnicity.

“The Democrats are now the elitist party, the Silicon Valley, the Wall Street Elites,” Salazar said. “Those of us who cling to our guns and our bibles, the working class folks, we are now in the Republican Party.”

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