Nursing Homes Reporting Deaths Due to Prolonged Isolation During Lockdowns

New lockdowns in parts of the U.S. are likely to have a devastating effect on the elderly living in nursing homes. Since March, an estimated 40,000 nursing home residents have died due as a result of the pandemic. Not from the COVID-19 virus itself. They're dying as a result of neglect and loneliness.

A nursing home expert who analyzed data from the country's 15,000 facilities for The Associated Press estimates additional deaths (those not related directly to catching the coronavirus) beyond the normal rate of fatalities could total more than 40,000.

“When are you older and have Dementia or Alzheimer’s and you can’t communication, the mere touch of a family member is an expression. Without that you are so isolated physically and mentally,” senior care expert Brian Levy told KTRH.

Levy, with Cambridge Caregivers & Manchester Care Homes, said government restrictions on being able to visit loved ones has been difficult in 2020, both for the elderly residents and for friends and family that want to see them. He says that’s one reason why it's critical his home care organization emphasize social interaction, especially during the holidays.

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