Working Remotely While Sick

One of the benefits of working a full time job is taking a sick day here and there. Many employees working from home say they are thankful to have a job and don't want to churn the water. Expert on workplace issues Gabe Abshire says it's all about what kind of job you have. "If you're doing computer work, you could chop up the work that needs to be done and do some, then go lie down, then do some more. But if your job includes talking to people and appearing on video conferencing, it may not be a great idea to talk to these people while you're feeling bad.""

Abshire advises his manager clients to have open communication with their staff so no one feels guilty about a sick day at home. "Let them know what's going on. Be honest with them. Have a good conversation with them. Tell them what has to be done TODAY, and then to get to feeling better."

Remote Working is Here to Stay

Workers who are home-bound are also less likely to take sick days and report them. Some work sick from home and other take the day off and don't report it. Abshire says managers should make sure their employees know corporate policies and not to be afraid to let him know when they are sick. He says managers should let their staff unplug now and then - especially if they're under the weather. Burning the candle at both ends causes burn-out and lack of productivity later.

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working from home while sick

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