450 Mile Long Border Wall - Will it Still Stand in 2021?.

The Border Wall will be 450 miles long by the end of the year. Dave Ray of FAIR - the Federation For American Immigration Reform explains its importance. "The border Wall is probably the single most effective tool we have against illegal immigration, child trafficking and narcotics trade." Ray says it pushes illegal attempts to enter the country to areas with easier apprehension. Many Americans are wondering what will happen to it if Biden becomes President. "The Biden Plan on Immigration says they will not build an inch of new wall, but they will not tear down the existing wall, either," says Ray.

For Whom the Wall Tolls

The Border Patrol says the Wall helps them capture people trying to enter the country illegally. But we hear people shout that the Border wall is racist. Ray's answer to that: "Those who try to paint this in racial terms is missing the point. What the wall does is insure us is that we know who is coming into the country and we know for the right reasons." Others say that it is a tremendous waste of taxpayer's money. "Any money that is spent on the Border Wall is just a drop in the bucket compared to the overall cost of illegal immigration which is 113 billion dollars a year and climbing.

He adds FAIR believes under Biden's plan up to 52 million new immigrants will move into the U.S.

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The Border Wall aids  Border Patrol

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