Election Fraud: Possible Changes For Next Time

As the wait continues to see what voting fraud charges hold up across the country for President Trump, John Pudner has already begun the push for election reforms in 2022. Pudner, who is the President of Take Back Our Republic told KTRH "There are very legitimate concerns being raised about the election process."

And rather than just complain and point fingers, Pudner has posted 4 possible ideas for election reform, including one that would have helped this time around. How about an 'instant run-off' in the Georgia Senate race? "I think there's a real benefit to that. There would be 52 Republican Senators today."

Pudner also adds that there needs to be some kind of law put in place to balance out campaign spending, which was dominated by the Democrats. In the meantime, Pudner believes conservatives should be encouraged by the fact that the 'big blue wave' never happened, and as bad as it looks right now, "we're probably going to have a fairly balanced 4 years." We shall see.