NASA Supporters Worry Joe Biden Could Delay Or Cancel Manned Trip to Moon

One of the biggest unanswered questions about former Vice President Joe Biden is what he would do with NASA if he were in charge.

Would space exploration continue under a Biden administration? NASA Watch editor/blogger Keith Cowing believes so. He doesn't think Biden can or will shut down the Artemis program, NASA's plan to get to man and a woman the Moon by 2024.

“They’re talking about continuity, and just keeping things going,” Cowing said. “They actually put a big emphasis on commercial crews.”

However, Bob Mitchell, with the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership, isn't sold on Biden will.

“In the Obama administration, we lost right at five thousand jobs,” Mitchell said. “Every time a new president comes in they decide to put their own stamp on things. Am I concerned and nervous? Yes, I am.”

However, Mitchell says a new administration might delay getting the U.S. getting back to the Moon. Trump's NASA appointee, Jim Bridenstine, already announced he will step down, as he does not plan to work under Joe Biden.

If Republicans retain control of the Senate come January, Biden wouldn't be able to cancel the Artemis program by himself. But he could impede efforts to get to Mars (the next step for the U.S.), which would give China more time to get their first.

Harrison H Schmitt, pilot of the lunar module, stands on the lunar surface near the United States flag during NASA's final lunar landing mission in the Apollo series 13 December 1972. Credit: NASA. Science Astronaut Space Travel

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