People aren't gobbling up turkeys as they have in the past

We are now in the strongest time of the year for turkey sales. Dr. David Anderson, a Texas A&M AgriLife Economist, says the turkey industry has struggled with profitability for years. "We have produced fewer turkeys. The prices at the grocery stores may be higher than they were a few years ago." Anderson figures, "demand will probably be down this year as well because there will be fewer big Thanksgiving gatherings due to the Covid-19 crisis.

"Suppliers are trying to figure out how many to produce with a moving demand target. Plenty of consumers have reported, 'We're going to have a smaller Thanksgiving gathering this year. We will have fewer people with us.' They may be buying a smaller bird - or maybe even just some turkey breasts."

Good news for roasted and fried turkey lovers: Grocers may come out with price specials as November moves on.

Fewer large Thanksgiving gatherings this year

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