Social Media Flags Trump, Conservatives in Post-Election Posts

Conservative news outlets are once again crying foul over censorship on major social media platforms.

President Trump and his supporters had a hard time posting election updates. Twitter flagged the Trump campaign and conservative pundits multiple times for declaring victory “prematurely” in heavily Republican-favored states like Louisiana, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Watchdog groups point out they didn't censor Democratic contender Joe Biden when he posted “We're gonna win this”.

“This is yet another example of liberal media bias, bias by omission. The bias that you don’t see in terms of what’s not covered,” Curtis Houck with NewsBusters, said.

Houck says election night (and the night after) was fairly one-sided against Conservatives. He says the big tech companies have often censored or downplayed news stories promoted by Conservatives like Hunter Biden’s questionable overseas dealings. Houck says it’s vital to let the public know about the clear bias.

“They previously might dismiss certain censorships or [ask] ‘Why did I suddenly lose followers?’ Concerns like that,” Houck explained. “But now that it’s starting to happen to more people and it’s becoming way more widespread, I think people are starting to wake up.”

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