2020 Holiday Travel: Different than 2019

Holiday travel won't be like it was last year - but nothing is like it was before March, 2020 - is it?

People will still be visiting during the holidays this year - but not much air travel. Melanie Lieberman of The Points Guy says their survey proves it. It's not surprising that results show most people aren't going over the river and through the woods this holiday season. "One thing that really stood out in the survey results, is that people who may travel are still really concerned about safety precautions. This is true if they are considering flying - or even if they're not!" She also says, "I was surprised at how many people said they would be driving to their holiday destination. So, local market is still going to the market for travelers through this holiday season."

Holiday Travel Will be Up (from 2018)

Leiberman says if you travel - do your homework on states' requirements to back-up plans for canceled flights. "Make your list and check it twice! Make sure you have whatever will give you peace of mind will be so important this year. Be sure and check the regulations of the states you plan to visit, for example, or what you need to have with you when you board a plane. It's 2020 after all and you should have a back-up plan ready. and your flight could be cancelled or over booked, you may not feel safe in your hotel room and the like."

Lieberman stresses the importance of making a plan if you're traveling. In 2020, anything can happen!

Most Holiday Travelers Going by Car

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