Opioid Overdoses and Deaths on the Rise

Drug overdose deaths are becoming more abundant. Vaughan Gilmore is Director of Addictions Services for Menninger Clinic in Houston and says, " A large number of patients are calling for treatment with more problematic substance use or substance use that has worsened during Covid." Fentanyl and illicit fentanyl use are up as well and Gilmore says they are incredibly potent and extremely dangerous. .

"If you're worried about a loved with an opioid use disorder, there is a lifesaving medication called Narcan that can reverse an overdose. This is available in Texas without a prescription." Gilmore advises anyone with any drug addiction to seek treatment.

Houston Opoid Bust Includes Medical Professionals

"Addicts are incredibly stressed during Covid and are trying to cope. Their depression and anxiety are getting worse so they are using substances as a way to cope."


Opioid Deaths are Rising

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