The Biggest Shopping Season Ever

2020 Holiday Shopping is Bigger than Before --- Ever!

You're hearing that Big Box Stores will rule and smaller retail will die out. Online Experience Expert Matt Rosen doesn't agree. "I don't believe this year will kill Mom&Pop retailers. I think retailers across the board are going to get hit if they haven't prepared especially for this season." Rosen says the key is online shopping combined with curb-side pick-up and home delivery well as social media and email promotion - no matter what size the store. Rosen continues, "Mon&Pops that have taken the time to put their inventory online. They have a store that is integrated with their inventory. AND they must be able to fulfill (deliver) the purchases and have unique payment options. They will be able to weather"

Texas Retailers Breathing a Sigh of Relief

Rosen emphasizes that there is going to be more shopping in the next 2 months than you have ever seen before! This will be the biggest holiday shopping season ever - according to multiple market predictors. Rosen says there will be enough revenue to go around even to the smallest retailers. He has a few ideas about affordable promotion. "Pushing the local personalized message - whether through social media or email. I think hosting virtual events or small in-person social events (watching social distancing) is something they can do that will pay off." Rosen makes a point that putting merchandise online, making online payment easy and offering a variety of ways to deliver gifts to the buyer are key, and retailers still have time to get that ready.

Matt Rosen is the CEO of Allata.

2020 Holiday Shopping

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