The Big Tech Take Over Of Fact Checking

First it was the mainstream media, then came social media, and's fact checking! Apparently when you have enough money, you can create your own facts to support your version of the truth, or to make sure that the real truth is dismissed. Just another big time venture for the big tech social media giants says Bob Price of Breitbart Texas "it's loving called Trump derangement syndrome"! "they're so obsessed with anything Donald Trump that they will push and say anything, and do anything, and they don't care how it looks". There has been some push-back from legitimate 'fact checkers', but their complaints have gone nowhere! Bob Prices says the only way to deal with liberal lying? "Ultimately it's the consumer that has to make the difference. The consumer has to say I'm not going to watch this anymore, I'm not going to read this anymore, I'm going to get my news from someplace else unbiased". According to one report, Twitter and Facebook have censored President Trump 65 times, while -not- censoring Joe Biden once.