More focused Trump clashes with Biden in Tennessee debate

This was a different debate from what we saw last month.

President Trump was more focused, and it showed during his debate performance last night against Joe Biden in Nashville. The President made clear early on he was going after the former Vice President over emails from Hunter Biden about the family's overseas business deals?

"You're the big man, I think," Trump said. "If this is true then he's a corrupt politician."

Biden's defense?? Russia. Yes, Russia.

"There are 50 former intelligence folks that said what he's accusing me of is a Russian plan," Biden stated.

Biden attacked on COVID, and the economy. Trump says Democrats are holding the economy back

"Pelosi doesn't want to approve anything because she wants to have some victories on a date called November third," Trump said.

Republican strategist Jason Johnson says Trump performed well.

"He showed the American people that he does have command of the issues and he can be disciplined," Johnson explained.

Political scientist Allan Saxe agreed.

"A lot of people were waiting for Trump to get mad and interrupt. It just did not happen," Saxe explained, adding that Trump's best moments were when he went after Biden's corruption.

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