Future Employment Not Looking Too Bad

Employment expert Parker Henry of Texas Workforce Solutions says working virtually is changing how we hire, and many Houston area managers are concerned about keeping their top talent. "If you're an employer now, you're potentially looking at having to compete with employers across the country you didn't have to compete with before because if someone can remain where they are living and work in another market - you may lose your talent pool locally." Recent 2021 Employment Research by Robert Half says hiring will pick up in the next few months, but Henry doesn't see higher wages. "Then I would expect to see a rise in hiring, although perhaps a dip in pay. There's till a lot of uncertainty out there." Salary reductions and freezes may be in order.

U.S. Economy Showing Positive Signs Amid Bleak Jobless Numbers

He also says Temp Agencies will become busier. "You will see employers hiring on a temporary basis to begin to get things winding up for when things really start to take off again they already have people in place that they can then bring on full time."

Predictions about Business in 2021 mostly say it's a rocky road to recovery. Research from Robert Half discovered some senior managers will be hiring again in the next few months, but Henry says temp agencies are going to be busier. The research also found most managers are savvier about salary trends that before and candidates are more comfortable about talking about pay early in the interview process.

Weekly Unemployment Claims Rise Higher Than Expected

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