Parents, Students, and Educators Question Value of SAT/ACT Exams

Many college-hopefuls have taken or are studying for the SAT/ACT exam. However, the tests don’t seem to hold the same weight as in years past.

Educators say the pandemic has thrown off the testing process. Earlier in 2020, testing centers limited capacity or closed entirely. As a result, many colleges are waving SAT’s and ACT’s or making them optional. Some are asking why we need them.

“Many folks say that test scores like this provide valuable insight on weight alongside grades and other information. Others say the tests aren’t work the trouble, and that they needlessly deter many very worthy applicants,” Ray Martinez, Deputy Commissioner for Academic Affairs and Workforce Education for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, said.

He advises his own son to study for and take the test just in case. No university in the state has entirely through the tests out of consideration.

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