Mainstream media is completely ignoring the silent Trump vote

The mainstream media totally ignored one of the major factors that helped Donald Trump win the White House. They are repeating their mistake.

That's the silent vote for Trump. Because there's no way five million first time gun owners this year alone support Joe Biden, right?

"I don't think Joe Biden is running on an agenda that has majority support," said Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak, adding that image is different from agenda.

Mackowiak tells us that the left doesn't want to admit it, but the silent vote is real.

"Not every respondent that supports Trump tells the pollsters that. There is a social cost to publicly stating that you support President Trump," Mackowiak explained.

And for many Trump supporters, it's something they would rather not go through. 77% of conservatives told the Cato Institute they are afraid to express their political views publicly, compared to 50% of liberals.

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