Mainstream Media Ignoring Key Election Factor

The mainstream media is about to make the same mistake that they made in 2016.

You would think the mainstream media would have learned that it's not who wins the popular vote, but it's the electoral college that leads to the White House.

SMU Professor of Political Science Cal Jillson said "Over these final 2 weeks there will be a lot of polls, some of them will show the race tightening, some will show Biden holding his lead.

"What people should look at is the average of polls." Jillson also adds that Trump needs to follow the same path that he did in 2016. And despite concerns about when we will actually have the election results,

"I think we'll know on election night. Watch Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania," he said. "If one candidate or the other wins 2 out of those 3, Trump is still in it, with the possibility for him to draw on that inside strength."

President Trump is back on the campaign trail tonight with a stop in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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