The IRS Is Behind on Their Mail

Blame it on Covid restrictions and lockdowns, blame it on a slowdown by USPS, blame it by a sudden requirement to process and mail out 160 million stimulus checks, but the mail has been stacking up untended at the Internal Revenue Service.

Houston federal tax attorney S. Mark Klecka, who is both a CPA and an attorney, says it’s creating a nightmare situation for many Texas taxpayers. “Oh yes, there are a lot of people who say their checks haven’t been cashed, their returns haven’t been processed, they haven’t received refunds,’ he tells KTRH News.

There are an estimated 5.3 million pieces of mail sitting unopened at IRS offices. The IRS commissioner was hauled before Congress to testify last week because representatives are getting so many complaints from irate constituents.

Klecka says he advises all clients to keep careful documentation of all communications with the IRS if you are caught up in the Covid-induced limbo. “Document what they did,” he says he tells them. “We always tell people to send in their information certified return receipt requested so you can always document that date you actually mailed something or send something to the IRS.”

As of July the IRS had sent 3.3 million fewer refunds than the same time last year.

photo: Getty Images

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