The 1, 2, 3 of Retirment

Planning for Retirement is as easy at 1-2-3!

Knowing when you'll be ready to retire is a smart move. Answering these 3 questions will tell you.

First: Do you have enough money?
Doug Horne of Aspen Wealth Management says it's simple: "People get to retirement and they have what they have. But if you're planning for retirement, save as much as you can. You'll benefit from it farther down the road! Ask your financial advisor for advice."

Second: Do you have a plan for different types of risk?
Horne advises: "There are risks everywhere. There are risks, of course, in the market, but also in your home and your car and always your health."

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Third: What are you going to do with your life when you retire? Are you going to travel, write a book, volunteer helping homeless pets?
Horne advises: "When I ask my clients what their retirement plans are, some list the fun things they are going to do. Others look blankly and have no idea what they will do. I always tell them to start planning because they are going to have a lot of time on their hands!"

You can hear Horne on Dollars and Sense Radio Sundays on KTRH.

What are you doing during retirement?

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