President Trump Could Win in 2020 Just Like He Did in 2016

It's looking more like 2020’s presidential election could play out just like it did in 2016.

It's entirely possible history could repeat itself. Polls say Joe Biden is on track to win the popular vote, and analysts say President Trump could take the Electoral College, just like he did against Hillary Clinton. However, columnist and University of Maryland Professor Emeritus Peter Morici says an influx of late Democrat mail-in and absentee ballots could lead to trouble.

“We could have a situation that on election night, Trump is ahead and appears to have a win, but as the paper ballots are counted, it reverses,” Morici said.

He says that's happened before in contests for seats in the House of Representatives, where Republicans have ended up losing elections they first thought they won. Morici says legally contested elections are entirely possible come November.

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